The empty follicle syndrome (EFS) is a condition when the woman doesn’t have oocytes even after successful ovarian stimulation. Medical professionals divide this syndrome into two types:

  • False EFS
  • Genuine EFS (GEFS)

False EFS is diagnosed by doctor in case of complete failure to receive oocytes. In this case there will be insufficiently low HCG- or LH-circulating levels. And it means ovulation trigger has not functioned correctly. Usually false EFS happens as a result of incorrect HCG use. Thus it’s extremely important to take medicines correctly according to the instruction and doctor’s prescription.

Genuine EFS has been still questioned and controversial aspect of diagnosis. Genuine EFS is the complete failure to retrieve oocytes when a correct ovulation trigger (by HCG or GnRH-analogue injection) has been actioned. The physiopathology of EFS is still poorly understood, but specific genetic factors are probably involved.

Some scientists believe that GEFS doesn’t exist at all. They assume that this condition can arise during inadequate treatment. But other scientists believe that GEFC can be caused by dysfunctional of follicles. Treatment of patients with EFS is rather complex process. It’s because medicine doesn’t have universal treatment for this disease. Patient should be adequately informed about the importance of correct hCC injection in order to prevent EFS syndrome. Scientists believe that EFS syndrome should be studied more because new investigation could help to get further understanding of ovaries biology and infertility.