• The treatment of EFS is a very difficult deal, because there is no universal therapeutic way. Some specialists recommend repeating standard cycles of assisted reproductive technologies despite the treatment protocol.
  • Empty follicle syndrome or EFS is usually defined as a specific disease when oocytes are not retrieved from mature ovarian follicles with apparently normal follicular development and estradiol.
  • There are 2 main types of EFS – Genuine Empty follicle syndrome (GEFS) and False Empty follicle syndrome (FEFS).


Empty follicle syndrome (EFS) is gynaecological pathology, which means absence of eggs in follicles. It’s rather uncommon reproductive abnormality when even after stimulation procedure it’s impossible to receive oocytes for their further fertilization. As a result, empty follicle syndrome causes infertility. Usually this illness is difficult to diagnose at once. And often patients get to know they have empty follicle syndrome after the in vitro fertilization program. It is because only after receiving follicles doctor can determine they are empty.

EFS is of course frustrating female complication. Nevertheless the more you will be informed the better you will be able to cope with this problem. Visiting our site you can get to know more about empty follicle syndrome, its types and causes of occurrence. Moreover you will find there variants of treatment. And the main is you will understand empty follicle syndrome isn’t the end of life, it’s only a kind of pathology. And even having EFS, woman still have chances to become mothers. Modern medicine with its assisted reproductive technologies makes wonders! Such medical programs as surrogacy and egg donation make dreams of infertile couples come true!