Empty follicles syndrome (EFS) is a rarity for young girls, more often middle-aged and older women face with such fertility abnormality. Before carrying out the IVF procedure experienced and qualified doctor will definitely warn about the probability of this syndrome, as EFS can be determined during the in vitro fertilization. Thus, the matter of this fact won’t lead a woman into sudden despair. In most cases, the properly selected course of treatment may lead to successful pregnancy through the ART programs.

Proper treatment for Empty follicles syndrome should be started with a detailed analysis to ensure that the trigger injection was taken by the patient in time. If the test has shown an absence of hCG in the urine, doctor will appoint a supplemental HMG injection in order to support the growth of follicles. A further blood test will show levels of hCG and estrogen.

Followed by another hCG shot, the egg collection is re-plans for 36 hours after the second injection of hCG. The doctor would use another batch of hCG therapy as well. Also, some specialists can higher dosage of hCG in order to trigger ovulation. After that doctor conducts an ultrasound scan which supposed to show follicles’ condition.

Transfer of embryos during the subsequent cycle is used to optimize possibility of successful implantation and pregnancy.  In order to prevent the risk of repeated EFS during the second transfer cycle, doctor would likely use a dual triggering procedure. Its essence lies in adding GnRH hormone to hCG shot. Such procedure is usually conducted for older women.

Although in case of the complexity of EFS, it’s also common practice to alter the medical care to avoid negative result. Another approach normally leads to a totally different result. If it’s impossible to reach patients’ pregnancy doctors may advise using surrogacy or donation of eggs. Choosing donation or surrogate motherhood programs intended parents should address only to reliable reproductive medicine centers which work with young healthy donors and surrogate mothers.