The empty follicle syndrome (EFS) is taking place in cases when no eggs are received after ovarian injection, in spite of normal follicle growth, decent hormone results and ovarian stimulation. However, the origin of EFS isn’t fully understood. Thus, the diagnosis of EFS in general rather outdated.

Consequently, usual blood tests of E2, LH, FSH levels which conducts during in-vitro fertilization and ultrasound tomography can’t report on to the existence of empty follicle syndrome.

Recent studies have suggested that EFS is diagnosed in the case of the reduction in the biological activity of hCG along with using the GnRha drugs during IVF. The basic test for the prediction of the empty follicle syndrome would be to check for serum β-HCG 12 h after HCG administration. Also, it’s necessary to take into account the results after monitoring of the controlled ovarian stimulation (COH).


The alternative can be using blood tests for hormones from 1st to 3rd days of the menstrual cycle and calculate the value by a special formula.